"Smash Bike is by far the most extreme BMX sport on the planet.
I should know I've had seven concussions! I think it's seven". - Scrim Parker


The Game;

Smash Bike is an extreme BMX sport played by two teams completing laps around a modified BMX track. The teams alternate between defense and offense for a total of sixteen laps. Two riders from each team called ‘Punch Blockers’ begin the game at ‘The Start Line’ seated shoulder to shoulder on BMX bicycles. A light at The Start Line changes from red to green and the four riders begin to make their way toward ‘The Fight Line’. There is no contact until they pass The Fight Line, which is situated fifty feet in front of The Start Line. Once the four Punch Blockers pass The Fight Line it signals the start of the game for the team playing offense to protect their ‘quarterback’, a player called the ‘Hoop Speeder’. Two of the Punch Blockers chase after the opposing teams Hoop Speeder. They try to stop him from scoring points. The Hoop Speeder can score points by throwing balls at vertical hoops called ‘V-Hoops’. He can also attempt to score point by performing bike stunts. After completing lap one, the four Punch Blockers and the Hoop Speeder from Unit A exit the track. Lap two begins, with four riders from Unit B riding toward The Fight Line. The opposing team’s Hoop Speeder enters the game. This rotation continues until eight laps have been completed. There is a half-time break. The game resumes and continues for a further eight laps.

The Players

Each team consists of eight players, four riders called Punch Blockers, two riders called Hoop Speeders and two Alternates in case of injury. Two Punch Blockers and one Hoop Speeder from each team divide into Squads (also known as a Unit) A and B. The Punch Blocker’s job is to protect their Hoop Speeder. They wear modified ‘boxing gloves’ called ‘Knock Out Gloves’ which are used to fend off opposing Punch Blockers. The Hoop Speeder carries five rubber balls mounted in a spring loaded cylinder on the cross bar, which he must throw through vertical hoops to score points. To collect bonus points he must successfully complete bike stunts. The Hoop Speeder is the only player that can accumulate points.

The Track;

The BMX track is called The Harsh Climate Stunt Track. It is made up of five different surfaces - dirt, rubber, wood, plastic, and concrete. The entire track is surrounded by inflatable rubber barriers, tubing and bales of hay all strategically placed to protect players from serious injury. There are moguls, ramps, a straightaway, banks, hand rails, staircases and vertical hoops placed on poles at various heights. There are three moguls called Spine Crunchers, a ramp to ramp called The Sky Launcher, two slopes called Sling Shot Banks, and two hand rails called Compression Grinds. The track also has a circular staircase called The Lunatic Spiral and five vertical hoops similar to basketball hoops called V-Hoops.

Rules / Regulations;

The game begins with four Punch Blockers lined up at The Start Line. A light goes from red to green signaling the start. In the event of a false start players reset at The Start Line. If a Punch Blocker makes contact before crossing The Fight Line, play stops and player(s) causing the infraction are sent off for the rest of the lap. Play resumes. The Hoop Speeder waits at The Fight Line as the four Punch Blockers race toward him. He sets off in an effort to stay ahead of them. In the event a Hoop Speeder is injured, play stops and the teams second Hoop Speeder replaces the injured player from the point of injury. If a Punch Blocker is injured but able to play he must continue until the end of the lap. Punch Blockers may attempt to block a Hoop Speeder’s shot at any time. Once the Hoop Speeder has crossed The Safety Line in front of a stunt area, opposition Punch Blockers must not interfere with him in anyway. In the event a Punch Blocker impedes a Hoop Speeder’s progress after he has crossed The Safety Line, the offending team receives a 10 point deduction. On completion of eight laps there is a half-time break of fifteen minutes. Each team is permitted a two minute time out per half. Game is completed after lap sixteen. In the event of a tie game, each team will cycle one lap on offense and one lap on defense until an Unbeatable Point Total is achieved (Similar to extra innings in a baseball game).

Points / Scoring;

Hoop Speeders are the only players able to score points. Points are awarded for completing bike stunts and throwing balls through the V-Hoops. A Hoop Speeder successfully completing a bike stunt scores 10 points. Successfully throwing a ball through a V-Hoop, the Hoop Speeder’s team is awarded 10 points


Fighting: In the event of a fight, play stops and the referee restarts the game from where the fight began. Players involved in a fighting infraction are made to sit out the remainder of the lap in The Penalty Zone. Punch Blockers may not use their hands to impede an opposition player’s progress. Any elbowing, kicking, head butting or biting will result in a stoppage of play. If the Referee determines there was intent to injure, a more severe penalty will be assessed. A one lap ejection results. An  Obscene Misconduct results in a match penalty.

The Referee;

There are three referees in total. Two will stand on the outside of a protective barrier at trackside. Both make decisions for their section of the track. The third referee sits on a raised platform, allowing him to see the entire The Harsh Climate Stunt Track. All three referees are in constant contact via radio headsets. In the event of a discrepancy, the referee on the raised platform will make the final decision either visually or with the help of instant replay. Referees will also carry red and green flags which will be used to stop and restart play in the event of a fight, penalty or injury.

Equipment / Uniforms;

All players will ride BMX bicycles. Hoop Speeders bicycles will be equipped with a spring loaded cylinder containing five rubber balls. All players will wear their team jerseys with logo on front, name and number on back. Each Hoop Speeder will wear a different color jersey including fingerless leather riding gloves. Punch Blockers will wear Knockout Gloves similar to mixed martial arts / boxing style gloves. All players will wear padded short or long cargo style pants, elbow pads, kneepads, helmet and cross trainer footwear.

Team Benches / Pit Crew Area;

Teams will be seated on benches in the center area of the track next to The Start Line. Each team’s pit crew personnel will be situated near their respective team. The pit crew will have access to bicycle repair racks and tools.

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